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Highlight Tool in SpeedGrader

What happened with the highlight function in Speed Grader? Why does the highlighter now completely block out the text I highlight so that I can't even read the content I've highlighted? This is a horrible idea--I need to be able to read the content in my students' papers that is highlighted.

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Hi @LauraPowell -- if you don't have access to submit a ticket via the Help Menu, I think you can just submit a ticket by sending an email directly to:

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I have just received a report of this from one of our faculty as well, so it still recurs.

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This is still occurring for us as well. We had a faculty member report it to us. She was using Safari. I was able to replicate it in Safari on a Mac. When I checked it in Chrome it looked fine. 

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We came across this issue today on Safari 13.0.2. I’ve just reported it to Canvas – they said there was already a support case (id 04821911) in with their engineers about this odd behaviour, and they’d attach our case to it. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. There are a number of threads with this issue, so it looks like it comes and goes (varying browser support for CSS opacity?).

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We had a report this week as well, in Firefox, though I don't know what version. Thanks for the case number!

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This is still a sporadic issue for us as well.  Mainly using iOS, NONE of the annotation tools are working for some of our users.  We have a ticket escalated as well, 04813148, but again this time it appears isolated to iOS 13 on iPad/iPhone.

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Still an issue for me. It worked last spring (2018) but now highlight blocks out text. Mac (two different machines) with Safari and Chrome. Significantly effect ability to provide feedback to students. Is there a fix out there? To add to Steven Turner's issue, I cannot do much with the iPadOS and have all but given up on it for anything but basic pas fail grading. the newest iteration of Canvas is causing significant issues across platforms, browsers, and operation systems.

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This remains an issue for me in early 2020. Highlighting rectangles are opaque rather than translucent.

I'm using Safari 13.0.1 under Mac OS X High Sierra 10.13.6.

I checked the status of my old ticket on this and was notified that it was fixed back in October of 2018. 

Case # 03563717

Seems like the problem comes and goes?

Hi, yes on safari 13 in mac book pro this is still an issue for me as well. Smiley Sad  Everything is as updated as it can be. I won't use chrome due to security concerns. Safari is listed as a workable browser but still. Maybe Brave? Weird this has been an issue for years and still is.