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How Do I Moderate Quizzes in Quizzes.Next BEFORE students begin the quiz?

I just converted my quizzes to Quizzes.Next in Canvas. The old quiz feature is no longer available. How can I moderate quizzes in Quizzes.Next BEFORE students take a quiz? 

I looked at this page and it only shows me able to moderate a student's time length AFTER she takes the quiz for the first time in the course: 

I even tried what another lady suggested and using a Test Student to take a quiz. Yet, when I click the Moderate button, it only shows me the Test Student who has already tested as being available to be moderated, not the remaining students who haven't tested yet. 

Help, please.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @pastorella .  This is a good question with some interesting history.   @kmeeusen  brought this up earlier in this thread, Moderate Quiz.  Response from a Canvas employee suggested this was unexpected behavior and Kelley did submit a support ticket.  I contacted Support for an update on the case and this afternoon I hope to have more information on what has happened since it was submitted.

To me, it appears the issue is that being and LTI, a student is not available to be moderated until they have at least clicked on the Q.Next assessment.  Since extra time can be added for a student on all assessments, as long as they are available in the moderation interface once, they should be able to be given extra time on all assessments.  I did some testing and the only options I can come up with are the following: 1- Have an admin "act as" the student and click on an assessment.  It appears to me that after this, even if the assessment has no questions or they don't begin the quiz that they will appear in the moderation screen.  The student wouldn't need to know anything happened, but obviously this is not a long-term solution or time effective for large institutions., or 2- Create a practice quiz that won't count toward the students' final grade and have them take this to become accustomed to the Q.Next interface.  This may not be a bad idea anyway, and that will allow you to access the moderation screen for the students who need to be given extra time.

I will update this thread when/if I have additional information, but hopefully this helps a little.

Best wishes!

I appreciate the reply.  It also seems in Quizzes.Next as if I can't give a single student an extra attempt but must give the entire class an extra attempt? Is that correct?  

Hi  @pastorella .  If there is a way to give a single student additional attempts I do not know how to accomplish this. I guess the best work-around would be to either allow multiple attempts in the quiz for everyone or perhaps create two copies of the quiz and assign one to students needing multiple attempts with the appropriate number and another to everyone else.

Being said, in this thread, Resetting a submission in, Kevin with Instructure stated the following...

"For parity we will have the additional attempts per student per quiz, and we are also reviewing other related functionality. This will come but hasn't yet made it past our prioritization sessions and onto the immediate roadmap, so it is not slated to be addressed in the next months.


Kevin Dougherty

Assoc. Product Manager, Assessments


This was in September of 2018 so hopefully progress is being made on this feature.

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I have added a feature request for this functionality here to hopefully make sure it is on the Quizzes.Next roadmap! 


Step 1 - Click the quiz name.

Step 2 - Click Moderate Quiz from the tabs that appear on the right side of the screen.

Step 3 - Click the box next to the student that you want to moderate quiz times or attempts.

Step 4 - Click the Edit button and add extra time.

Step 5 - Click SAVE.  

You have now moderated a quiz for a single student.

I was very frustrated until I figured this out.  Hopefully, this explanation is helpful for others.  

Hi  @kwebb  thanks for the information!  I hope this helps others as well!

All the best--