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How are you going to replace Zaption?

I received an email tonight saying Zaption was purchased by Workday and will be shutting down in a few months on September 30th, 2016. I thought it might be beneficial for a new thread to see how everyone was going to replace their current interactive layers on video? Zaption mentions Hapyak and H5P as alternatives. (I seem to recall hearing about something similar to H5P as well)

The pricing on Hapyak is much higher now than when I first tried it a few years back and I obviously liked Zaption better anyway, but if anyone has any suggestions or unique directions they intent to take with interactive videos inside Canvas, feel free to share.

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Thanks for sharing this  @todd ​.

I haven't made that jump into interactive videos yet, but reading some student's discussion posts make it obvious that they listened to the first two minutes and nothing more, so I am looking for ways to get my students more involved. Your post prompted me to look at the two options. Note that I haven't tried either one (except for some HP5 demos), but this is what I found:

The HP5 looks interesting and I found this page in their content author guide: Using H5P with Canvas by Instructure​. It does a lot more than just interactive video​ . The major drawbacks I see for many sites would be that it needs Drupal, WordPress, or Moodle to run and that you need to modify your global JavaScript file to load a script so they can interact with the parent page. This is documented on the page I linked to above, but you'll need your Canvas admin to sign off on it and add the script.

In addition to being more expensive, HapYak is more cryptic about what they do. They issue the blanket statement "HapYak integrates with your LMS. You can pass in user ID and related information to track individual users as they interact with the video and personalize the viewing experience for them." Then they follow that with the note to contact them for more information. They do specifically mention another LMS and include an embed code that should be usable by Canvas -- again followed by a note that you should contact them for help.

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Kaltura does interactive videos, and the quizzes report to the Canvas grade book:

I have not used this, but my college is considering Kaltura for lecture capture and interactive videos.

I hope that helps!

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Yes, looking for Kaltura to come through on this in short order.

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Community Team

 @todd , since your prompt has inspired an open-ended discussion, I've flipped the format accordingly. I've also shared it with the Higher Education​, Instructional Designers​, and Canvas Admins​ groups to enhance its visibility and encourage participation.

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We have Kaltura integrated with Canvas and have interractive quizzing and grade sync enabled. No complaints or issues thus far. In order to sync the grades, you have to create an assignment based on a Kaltura IQ video. Quite simple and straightforward. If you have Kaltura or are thinking about it then I recommend checking it out.


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Kaltura looks interesting, but I have to say I'll probably stick with H5P for now. I'm super bummed about Zaption closing down. We are completing a redesign of a course and the main assignment introduction was via a Zaption project. Ugh.

Between this, the Evernote price increases​, and rumors of Apple buying Tidal, it's becoming increasingly difficult and frustrating to rely on services and apps.


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One of our teachers is running a mixed mode summer course on Canvas right now and has been using EDpuzzle - he loves it.  We have a 1:1 iPad program and trying to use the Canvas app to access a Zaption video didn't work, so we have always had to ask students to use the custom tailored apps for Zaption or EDpuzzle anyway. 

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Thanks for starting this Todd as I just found this morning about zaption. 

I had learned about zaption on the Canvas community earlier this year and paid for a subscription but now  I have to quickly find an alternative.

I liked the LTI reporting from zaption and students not having to login separately.  I will have to see how Kaltura or edpuzzle work.


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Does anyone have experience with playposit? I briefly looked at this when we were evaluating Zaption. It seems a little clunkier, but has similar functionality. Zaption really had the best set of features and the Canvas integration was outstanding. It's frustrating to see them close shop so soon.