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How can I assign all submissions the same grade, but ONLY for students who did the assignment?

I know how to set a default grade for an assignment and assign everyone the same grade. However, is there a way to use the default grade function only for the students who actually submitted the assignment? Currently, if I use the default grading, then I have to go back and revert any missing submissions to ungraded, which is a pain. Just curious if there is a way around this. Thanks!

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From what I am aware, there is no other workaround than manually editing grades/scores. Default Grade functionality is applied to all students or only to the students who have not yet received a grade.

Submission status is not factored into the default grade application and the grade is assigned to students regardless of submission status.

It would have been really good if Canvas takes students' Submission Status into consideration for the Default Grade functionality as Instructors do not have to change the grades manually by editing the score after setting the Default Grade.

I often have to manually edit the Grades for those students with no submissions. Also, if the Grade Posting policy is not set to manual, this poses another problem where students panic with the Grade change multiple times, and the inbox is flooded with panic emails.

This is really a very interesting scenario and perhaps Canvas should consider implementing a quick solution for this than typing in an updated score workaround.

Hope for some quick fix for this in the future.

Pallavi Jalakam