How can I create a Quiz question that groups by category?

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I teach computer courses at the high school level.

I need to be able to create a quiz whereas students are given items and they have to place them into certain groups.

For example, I'd like a quiz where students will see terms like mouse, keyboard, speakers, touchscreen, monitor, printer, etc., and they group them into categories such as Input and Output.

So, the category of Input would have students select mouse, keyboard, and touchscreen.

The category of Output would have students select speakers, monitor, and printer.

Matching doesn't work, for example, because they will get it incorrect if they match the wrong "Input" with an input device.

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Hi @hairpm 

You could use the Multple Dropdown Box item type form Classic Quizzes for that purpose; and in your example the drop-downs would include "input" and "output".. Learn how at, How do I create a Multiple Dropdown quiz question?

If you are using New Quizzes, then I would recommend the categorization item type. Learn more at, How do I create a Categorization question in New Quizzes?

If your school has not yet mad New Quizzes available, then you could open that discussion with your Canvas Admin and whomever else makes those kinds of decisions at your school. Careful what you ask for, though, New Quizzes comes with a host of challenges.


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Thank you so much for the information.  My school district has not instituted the New Quizzes yet, it would seem. I had seen a couple of other hints for other question types that showed different quiz types than those with which I am familiar, and my first thought was the the posts were old.  Seems there are new types that we just have yet to implement.

I'll start looking into the caveats of New Quizzes before I breach that topic with our Canvas Admins, though.  Sometimes, it's best to just rework a question into a different format than it is to introduce an new level of complexity.  While the "Categorization" option would solve my dilemma, maybe I'll try to learn how to do the Multiple Dropdown to solve it for now.

Thank you again!

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