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How can I create a course with multiple teachers and multiple sections?

How can I create a course with multiple teachers and multiple sections? What we essentially want is a master course that can be edited by each of us (but will most likely have a primary editor who does that) and still allows us to have access to our individual sections of students and grade their work/communicate with them separately from the class at large? 

All content would be (and needs to be) the same for all sections, so teachers creating their own assignments is not an issue. We just want one course one person can edit and those edits would be sent out to all our students. Yet we still would only see/grade the work of the students in our individual sections.

*We've been told not to create groups as that "It opens a backchannel for them to communicate within Canvas that you can’t see. This could be a liability issue if bullying takes place."

**I suggested cross-listing the other sections into my own course and limiting teacher interaction to his/her section only. In theory, would this work or is the master course a better option?

Thanks for any advice/feedback you can offer!!

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Hello Kenthi, 

Did you ever receive a response to this question? This is exactly what I was hoping to do with one of our courses in the building and would love to know what you ended up doing. 

Thank you!