How can I create a "Bonus" question, adding "extra credit" points to a quiz that has a fixed total possible points value?

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Hi! At the end of each of my quizzes, I usually like to add "extra credit" or "bonus questions," which are not required for students to answer, but provide an opportunity for students to earn 1 or 2 points beyond the "total possible" points of the quiz?

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Hi  @dhunt2 ​ - Yes, you can do this.  And to give credit where credit is due, the second bullet item listed under  @kmeeusen ​'s response to a somewhat similar (though broader) question provides what you need:  .  This topic has flared up from time to time in the Community--mostly for how to given an entire quiz that is worth extra credit points (no answer on that one yet, though everyone hopes improvements are coming soon via the new quiz engine), but a specific question is fairly easy to pull off.

Basically, just add your extra credit question, and perhaps explain in the question that they can earn up to xx number of points by answering it correctly.  The question itself, however, must be worth zero points.

Then, when grading it, you can simply manually adjust the points on that specific question using the text box editor or spin control box next to the score while looking over each student's quiz, as shown below:

add points to question.jpg

Canvas does not "care" if the total score is more than what the quiz itself was will still dutifully tally the total points scored for each student.

Hope this helps a bit.

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You can't. You can make a question in the quiz, then use speed grader, and

then after you look at each one tell if it is correct, just add more points

or "fudge points."

I think it is easier to make 2 quizzes. 1 is the normal test. Then the

2nd quiz has the bonus question which I make worth 1 point.

Subsequently the quiz will be worth 1 point. In the grades screen, I sort

by high to low and then change any 1's I see to the bonus amount you

promised them.

If I had to include an essay in a test, I would make the essay it's own

quiz so that students got immediate feedback on the portion of the test

that can be autograded by canvas.

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