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How can I embed a PowerPoint show?

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I know how to upload powerpoints to Canvas but currently, my students must download the PPT in order to view it.  I just made a PowerPoint show and uploaded it but I want to embed the file so my students can watch it in Canvas instead of having to download it.  I have the file uploaded into my Files section.  How can I made it be embedded rather than a link to download it?

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Many of you have mentioned great tools, but could some of you address  @galindojavier ‌ post? I'm in the midst of ensuring that all of our websites, and eventually all our Canvas sites, are WAI A and AA accessibility compliant. I'm concerned about navigation and captioning with most of these options.


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Hi cholling,

Panopto offers the ability to both generate auto captions (that can be edited) and import a variety of caption files. And it looks like you can even add the ability to pay for captioning services to the contract. And Panopto offers accessibility features for navigating in the software.

In general, the instructors I work with use a script for their narrated lectures and we usually turn those Speaker Notes into (tagged) PDF for students to download and take notes on/follow along. We offer those "lecture PDFs" regardless of what software used for presenting the lectures in our online courses.

Cheers - Shar

blangston Are you using the free version of Nearpod?  I started using Nearpod a short while back and was somewhat discouraged to find that there storage/memory for a free account was fairly limited.  I am curious to know if they increased it.  It is a great tool and can be very interactive and engaging for students as well!

Except it only works on PCs, not Macs. 😞

I'm not sure yet as I haven't started using it. I'm attending the webinar today and hope to have a better understanding.

Kathy Langston

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Hi Sara,

I save my file as a powerpoint into my "onedrive", then I embed it into canveas.

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We have been doing quite a bit of testing of PowerPoint embedded into Canvas courses recently. I have placed the PowerPoint files into my personal OneDrive and set them as shareable to Public. The results have been quite good. Both PowerPoint Show (ppsx) and PowerPoint (pptx) work nicely as embedded presentations in Canvas courses on most browsers and devices tried so far. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer and Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android have all allowed the PowerPoint Shows to play with interactivity including clickable buttons & hot-spots, animations, voice and embedded video..

Some of the minor frustrations have been around sizing the presentation for different devices and the audio icon getting cut off no matter where it is placed on the screen. Also, if you want to "control" the path that the learner goes through by turning off slide navigation and defining your own buttons & hot-spot navigation,  you may be disappointed to find that the player over-rides this.

Overall - I have to agree with  @GideonWilliams  earlier - it is pretty good. I also think that H5P has lots of more interactive possibilities will work more consistently in the future.

Thanks for this Kym

We also have the Office365 integration with Canvas but as I have mentioned at length on numerous occasions there is no embedding feature within the content pages so are forced to ask staff to create and use personal OneDrive accounts.

I continue to hope that this is on the radar for developments this year.

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I was trying to figure out how to embed a Powerpoint directly from Box. Eventually determined that it wasn't possible, but I'm so glad I found this suggestion! I was skeptical about having to involve Google Slides (because Powerpoint is so much in my comfort zone, lol), but it was very easy to upload my show and convert it over and then embed it and VOILA! Exactly what I was going for! Thanks so much! #olddognewtricks Smiley Wink

To get the embed code from a OneDrive powerpoint, open the file in OneDrive, make sure you have shared the file to anyone who has the link, then go to 'files' and select 'share'.  Then, select the size you want displayed in Canvas and copy the embed code.

Go back to the canvas page you want to embed the powerpoint file.  Select 'edit' and click into the 'HTML editor'.  Paste the embed code and save the page.