How can I get a detailed log of student assignment submission activity

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Howdy all,

We recently had an issue with an assessment where several students are claiming that they started uploading their assignment but that it took too long and it crossed the threshold of due date and kicked them out.

For the record, I think this is a "dog ate my homework" but need to be able to prove it.


  1. If a student is still uploading while a "due date" kicks over, does it indeed spit them out?
  2. Is there a way (with API or otherwise) to get a detailed log on when they started uploading so we can call them out?



P.S. The access report is not working for me as it shows last they accessed the assignment. They have already been back since the task was u[ploaded and therefore this date is inaccurate for many.

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Canvas/instructure has verified errors on uploading files Sep 29-30, 2019: Instructure Status .

So I believe their story checks out this time Smiley Wink


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