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How can I put exponents when I am using Matching Type of Questions?

How can I put exponents when I am using Matching Type of Questions?

There is no Math quill or means for me to put exponents.

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HI  @editha_africa  Welcome to the Canvas Community.

I found a couple of answers that might help you. here they are:

I am making a quiz and need exponents. Is it possible to write exponents? 

How will I use a formula question with exponents?  

Sing out if you need a hand. 

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There is also a feature idea open for voting to support the Rich Content Editor with matching questions. You may want to go lend your support there. 

There is a healthy discussion of some ways to work around the limitation that you may find helpful.

The three links provided earlier probably won't help much with matching questions since you don't have access to the Rich Content Editor there. What you do have access to is Unicode within the textboxes.

On a Windows machine, you can hold down the Alt key and type 0178 and then release the Alt key to get a squared symbol: ² and the same thing with code 0179 will get you a cubed: ³

They are much smaller than you would probably like, definitely smaller than using <sup> (for superscripts) or <sub> (for subscripts). Each of the 10 digits exists as a superscript and subscript in Unicode. This page on Wikipedia has a list of Unicode superscripts and subscripts. What you can do is copy/paste the superscript (not the x in front of it) into your document where needed. Some people make their own list of math symbols in Word where it's easier for them to copy/paste (note I am not talking about the Equation Editor, I'm talking about Unicode math symbols).

Thank you so much. Smiley Happy

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