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How can I re-order the names in the grade tab.

Right now they are in alpha according to last name which is what I want, but the program lists the first name first and then the last names which makes it harder for my eye to locate the last name quickly.

And some of our students have 2-3 last names which makes it even harder.


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There are a lot of options for sorting and organizing the gradebook by name.  You can also export the gradebook and use Excel's tools to sort them. 


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Hello there, @Drcornut21 ...

On your "Grades" page, you can hover your mouse over the "Student Name" column, and three dots should appear.  Click on those three dots, and you'll have an option for "Display as"...where you can choose if you want to display First, Last Name or Last, First Name.  Check out this Guide for more details: How do I sort and display student data in the Gradebook?.

Hope this helps a bit.

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