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How can I remove the side bar from the Canvas homepage?

This past year, I started using pages as the homepage option in my Canvas courses. I would create a new homepage for each week of the term, which I could set as the first thing my students see using the "Choose Home Page" option in the course setup. This is a great feature, but I cannot stand that Canvas forces their random and useless side panel (View Course Stream, View Course Calendar, View Course Notifications, To Do) on the right hand side of my pages. I do not want this content! It forces my pages to be smaller in width and introduces other content that causes confusion or creates distractions. Every teacher I've talked to at my school wants that side bar to go away, especially now that we are all expected to use a homepage feature for all our courses this year.

Are there any hacks to remove this information from the home page? I know Canvas hasn't built in a simple settings option yet. Even a simple trick to auto redirect to the true page link upon loading would be helpful. Haven't been able to figure it out yet because I can't use meta tags in HTML or write simple scripts to manipulate my pages.

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