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How can I take away permission for Course Teacher role to delete course and/or reset content?

The Teacher role includes a button on the "Settings" page to allow the instructor to "Delete Course," and another option to "Reset Course Content."  For both these options, it's very easy for an instructor, while building their course, to accidentally delete all their content.  This can potentially be a problem.  I don't want instructors to have this option, although I do want to allow them to edit and delete individual items if needed. 

Can I somehow turn this option off for all instructors in the Course Teacher role?

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Thanks for the input, everyone. We have implemented a javascript fix to hide this function, which is not ideal as it requires us to maintain and check that it continues to work. Ideally this would be disaggregated from the teacher role so that for institutions that need this, they can add it to that role, and for instutions like ours can remove it from that role. 

Thanks so much for this! Just tried this code out and it works!

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I need to remove the permission of "Reset Course Contents" from the instructors.

Any successful results with this? please advise.

Best Regards.

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You'll have to use a custom Javascript to hide the link. If you have access to upload custom JS for your Canvas I can provide a sample script to do it


Thanks a lot.

I've uploaded a JS function to hide it and worked successfully.

Best Regards.