How can I trigger a "broken link" notification?

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I am trying to do some testing regarding Broken Link notifications and I am trying to trigger the system to send me one. What are the specific circumstances that causes one of these notifications to be sent? I have located a dead link and copy-pasted the address into a browser in which I'm logged in as a student, and have found the "Oops you've found a broken link!" page, but I haven't received a notification about it yet. Any ideas? Note that I set the notification to "immediate" for the purposes of this test.

EDIT: My specific question is: is there a way to make Broken Link notification emails indicate what course they're referring to in the text of the email? Currently, it looks like notifiations just include text like:

"Content Link Error - Week 1

Students are attempting to access unpublished content, Tutorial 1 Writing Activity, in Week 1. To check for other broken links, visit the Course Link Validator"

Which is OK, but every other notification says in the bold heading what course it refers to. Why not these ones?


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@heather_stockfo  @solomon_klein I think this was fixed in Canvas (I'm finding this thread a year after you originally posted) but I can't say when or how... Here's a screenshot of what an email looks like that one of my instructors received when a student clicked on unpublished content in a course (but I've seen the notifications do the same thing for broken links). In this example, "Async Online 1" is the nickname of a specific course, and "Week 8 - Overview and Content" is the page on which the "Scholarships..." link lives.

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