How can I update the point values of questions after students have submitted a quiz?

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When I click "update question" after changing the point value and save the assignment, the assignment preview updates, but the student's submissions in SpeedGrader still have the original point values.

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Hi  @derek_popple  Welcome to the Canvas Community!  Unfortunately, point values on a question cannot be changed; check the blue boxed text at the top of this online lesson: Once I publish a quiz, how do I make additional changes?   Be sure to follow the links given for both the quiz regrade and "fudge points" options.  In your case, however, it sounds like you will have to use fudge points.

(For the record, it looks like it will be a lot easier to do this with the newer quiz engine, Quizzes.Next, as indicated here:  But until then, you will have to follow the directions given above.)

Hope this helps a bit, Derek!

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