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How can I use Respondus to post a new quiz bank using the new quiz format?

I have been using the old quiz format with quiz banks for several years.  I am attempting to change to the new quiz format.  Previously I used Respondus to directly upload my quiz bank to Canvas and it worked well.  After switching my Canvas settings to the new format I tried the same Respondus upload and it appeared to work, only there was not quiz bank on Canvas.  If I switched my Canvas settings back to the old quiz format the quiz bank appeared.  My version of Respondus, does not appear to have a way to directly save a QTI file, it can only export them directly to Canvas.  This worked in the old quiz format, but does not work in the new quiz format.

Any suggestions?

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Hi @Drummond_j 

I have not yet used Respondus with New Quizzes. Why, I love Respondus, but hate New Quizzes. However, New Quizzes is reality so................

Best I can do for you is a message from Respondus.........................

Publishing to Instructure Canvas "New Quizzes"
Posted by Respondus Support

"Canvas New Quizzes requires new APIs and web services to integrate with Respondus 4.0 and other external applications. Once Instructure fully develops the necessary APIs and web services, Respondus Product Management plans to support Canvas New Quizzes with Respondus 4.0.

Meanwhile, faculty should continue to publish to the legacy Classic Quizzes then transfer the quizzes into New Quizzes in the course with the utility provided by Instructure.

Faculty can also follow the steps in "Manual Import of Respondus 4 files into Instructure Canvas" at"


I hope this helps,


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Thanks Kelly,

I tried following the steps in the link you sent.  Canvas did not like the file I tried to upload.

If Canvas/Respondus cannot fix this problem I will not be using Canvas quizzes when we have to switch to the new quiz format.