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How can a student worker be involved in Canvas?

Hi all,

I'm looking on advice on student worker involvement with Canvas. How have you been able to use student workers' to assist you on Canvas? Specifically, were you able to use students to answer helpdesk tickets?

The issue we're hving is that most tickets are individual to the teacher asking it, and for obvious reasons the student doesn't have access to view the courses.


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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @batkinso , actually we do give our student workers access to all of our courses and the ability to masquerade as students so that they can help students with problems in Canvas. We've been doing this since before we switched to Canvas and we spend a lot of time training our student workers, making sure they understand about confidentiality (and what would happen if they break it or try to use the information they have access to in nefarious ways), and monitoring them. Our student workers have a separate login from their normal Canvas login, this allows us to easily track what they are getting into and why - we also have them log everything they do so that way we've got a record of what they should (or shouldn't) be in. We don't have student workers help with faculty issues because honestly they are normally confusing enough questions/problems that it would be difficult for the student workers to try and troubleshoot them.

Another way we use our student workers is to help add quizzes into Canvas via Respondus. We do a lot of quiz converting and uploading for our faculty and our student workers are a huge help with this!

Hope this helps!