How can student view score as % on an individual assignment?

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I am allowing students to reassess problems after an exam, but I want a prerequisite to be eligible to do so that they have completed the associated homework section assignment with at least a 70%.

However, it appears that there is no way to display individual assignment scores to students as a percent score, only "14 of 16" points. I tried changing the gradebook view for myself to percent instead of points, but in student view it still only shows points.

Is there no way for a student to see their score on an individual assignment as a percentage?

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi @dmg34 -

This is a setting within the Assignment Details. How do I add or edit details in an assignment? 

In the Display Grade as drop-down menu, select the method you want to use for grading. You can grade your assignment by percentage, complete/incomplete, points, letter grade, GPA scale, or set as not graded.

I hope this helps! Let the Community know if you have any additional questions!

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