How can students access their own group set for a Canvas discussion?

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Hi, I recently assigned students in my class to individual group sets (Discussion) and had hoped that once they click on that particular discussion, the system would lead them to their particular group automatically. However, that doesn't seem to be the case--all of my students seem to be posting on the same board instead of in subsets as set up. Do they have to go through the "People" tab to get to their pre-assigned group (just as they would if they were to choose their group themselves)?

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Hi @bmatthia 

First, you said you created Group Sets, but did you actually create student groups within those Group Sets?

And here is the guide for assigning a discussion to a group, How do I assign a graded discussion to a course group?

The following excerpt is from the general description in the Guide........

"When differentiating groups in graded discussions, students can only view the discussion if they are a member of an assigned group. Otherwise the discussion does not appear in the group's discussions page. Grades cannot be assigned for students who have not been included in the graded discussion, and graded discussions that are not assigned to a student are not factored into overall grades."

I hope this is helpful,


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