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How can students get notifications when a new discussion post is made in Groups?

I am a student assigned to a Group. We've made a discussion board to post about our group project, but I'm not getting notifications when people post. I do get notifications when people post to discussion boards in the class itself. It looks like the only notifications we can get regarding groups has to do with group membership. Is there a way get notifications about activity on the Group page or do we just have to keep checking it?

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Hi @cafitzpatrick 

Per the Notifications PDF you should get notified daily when someone posts to any discussion you are subscribed to.

If you are seeing different behavior after checking your notification settings, then I suggest submitting a support ticket.

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The document you posted refers to the kind of activity I'm talking about - "non-graded group discussion post." But there is an X for both "notification settings" and "activity stream." It seems like you can get notifications for graded discussion board posts, but not ungraded ones. And any discussion board that students in a group set up is always going to be ungraded.

This is a problem since instructors often require groups to communicate via discussion boards. This is understandable from an instructor's perspective, because it allows a record of the conversation to be kept in Canvas. But from a student perspective this is inconvenient. If we were able to communicate via a group email instead, there wouldn't be a record in the course but we would be notified right away when someone messages the rest of the group.