How can we improve our e-learning teaching activities?

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The concept of E-learning has become challenging not only for students but for the teachers as well. It is very difficult to teach on the online platform. The very common question asked by every teacher is that how can they improve their teaching quality through E-Learning Ways. So some of the tips are given below to them;

  • The teacher must be engaging with the students just like the physical presence.
  • Online teachers must be supportive in order to develop an effective learning community.
  • Let your students know what will be the duration of the class so that it maintains their interest.
  • Let your students know in what timeframes you will be online and how to contact you if they have any confusion or query.
  • Engage your students through online posts, forums, or social media activities.
  • Make a group of the whole class where they can discuss their problems and other educational activities.
  • Keep the duration of class short and limited so that it will not let the students get bored and frustrated.