How can you direct share a Module?

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I have created grade level modules that I would like to share with other instructors but the "share to" only show up in the individual items and not under Modules.

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 @diana_ollis ‌, as you've observed, the Direct Share functionality is not currently available for an entire module. The currently active feature idea requesting this is 

One possibility would be to leverage Canvas Commons for this purpose. While it's not possible to direct-share a module to another user, it is possible to share an entire module (and only that module) to Commons.

Another workaround assumes that you have an empty sandbox course available to use or are able to create/obtain one from the local Canvas admin. If so, you can export the course in which the module resides, then import only the module into the sandbox by selecting specific content to import. Then, create a course export of the sandbox and send it to the teacher for importing into their own course.

Hope this helps.

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