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How can you view outcome results at the Institutional Level?

We would like to have our School Level Outcomes utilized in all courses and assessed for all students across courses. We are able to create the Outcomes and corresponding Rubrics for all instructors to utilize at the Institutional level. However, we can't find reporting similar to the Learning Mastery report (avail at course level on the Learning Mastery Grade Book) for the Institutional level. The Student Competency Report and Outcome Results Report do not have the single line-item per student output, so are not providing the Results per Student per outcome utilizing the Decaying Average calculation which is set at the Institutional level. 

How are others assessing long-term outcomes across courses? 

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Hi  @kdougery 

This isn't exactly a finished report, but Canvas Data Portal offers this information for historical reporting purposes and gets updated daily. I have not done much diving into this data yet as only a few of our teachers are beginning to implement outcomes.

Is Canvas Data Portal an add-on license? I've been made a Canvas admin for

our site but receive, "You have no permissions to access resources, please

contact your Canvas Data admin to be granted permissions." Our main Canvas

Admin doesn't know anything about this area...

It's available by request. I believe your CSM can turn it on for your instance.

What does CSM stand for in this context?

Customer Success Manager, or whomever you interact with at Instructure.

I know that some K12's don't have them so I'll just ping someone in case it helps. :smileygrin:

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I thought that might be it (CSM = Customer Success Manager). Thanks, so much for your replies and help!