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How come when I used my canvas app on my iPad to take a quiz no pictures on the quiz load?

Recently I took an exam (quiz format) on canvas and on all the questions the pictures that the instructor had attached to answer the question did not show up. The instructor has said that iPads are the same as phones and that canvas mobile app on an iPad or phone is not going to render images on assignments and quizzes. Is this the case? iPads use a different operating system as a phone so why should it not work? 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @Ar336585,

With the Canvas Student app, have you disabled the "Prevent Cross-Website Tracking"? This thread mentions the fix. This adjustment has been successful in solving some of these issues with the newest version of Canvas Student. I hope it works for you!

Hi, when I go to the settings I see no option for the cross traffic mode. I went to iPad settings and then clicked canvas and that did not show up there. I have the most up to date software on my iPad and canvas app. Shouldn’t the pictures still show up in the quiz?