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How do I add a "page" to my course as in a second modules page

I don't want to add a second modules page.

However, I thought that i might add something like "picture of the week" to coordinate with class stuff.

I went stepwise through the "how do I add a page" .......

Fortunately to a PREVIOUS class....

It was set to "redirect" to the home page and when I clicked "pages" i saw the home page....

Went through the instructions stepwise and delted all of the home page and the new title and an image were there instead.

so, just asking, fortunately it was a previous class.....


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Uh oh......this does not bode well. Smiley Sad


Community Coach
Community Coach

 @sheldonj1 , I'll be honest... I read through your question and I wasn't sure what you were trying to do and the steps you were using to try and do it. Which... made it really hard to provide feedback. If you'd like to try explaining it again, I'd be happy to try and help! 🙂

Community Team
Community Team

Hi James,

I believe you may be experiencing a common pain point in that there is a course Home page and also a Front page.  When you first click on the Pages nav link you are seeing the "Front" page and must first click View All Pages before you can make a new page.

You might also view:

the Course Home Page as an instructor? 

270068_Front Vs Home.gif

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did that and got exactly the same results only this time it was trading the "new" home page for the ..."new/new" home page.

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Soooo how about remoiving the "pain point"? Smiley Happy



One of my favorite aspects of course building in Canvas is that you can create or gather all your content before you begin to build out modules, or you can create a skeleton structure of modules and then go back and add content as you go.  If your goal is to add a second page to a module, you might want to just start in the module like so:

270069_Page to a Module.gif

Note that you can edit the page title from the Module view, but to edit the page content you have to click to view the page and then edit it.


Thanks for the question but..

No adding a module page is chump change.

I would like to add a "new page" as in.... a NEW "home page" ( no I realize that one cannot add a new home page), but if I type digits that are "like a new modules page or a new discussions page" then the implication is that I want to add a module to the modules page or a discussions to a the discussions page.

One problem with doing things like this is the "terminology" and that we are online instead of F2F.

I would like to ADD , PRODUCE, from "whole cloth" a NEW PAGE.....which I would call "picture of the week". This could then engender discussion about the topics being covered in the class that week.

I would THEN.....make the NEW page..... "picture of the week" the new LANDING PAGE...

so that when the student "goes to my class in Canvas". they would first see the "picture of the week page".

At the end of the semester when I move the class to a new section I would change the "landing page" back to "home page".

ONE WAY to get past the "pain point" referred to above is to just provide "a blank page" instead of the "Pages" autoloading the home page.

I just wonder how many.....people have experienced the pain point and just said "to heck with it" and REBUILT their home page and never said anything.... many admins experienced it and said to each other..."hey.....lets put this waay off the teacher's radar because having a whole workshop on it won't work."

Thanks for the question. Smiley Happy


Hi James,

I think we're getting closer...  I agree it would be easier to do this sort of Q&A face to face.  I would enjoy that quite a bit.

You can switch out which page you use as your Front page.  Some instructors choose to do this repeatedly throughout a given term:

270070_setting a front page.gif

It looks like unfortunately the video is cut off on the right side.  What you don't see is that there is a list of options to the right of the page title in the pages view that lets you choose to use that given page as the course Front page.