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How do I add new levels for mastery paths?

I'm trying to use mastery paths to simulate the conditional release that I would have used in Blackboard.

I have students take a pre-quiz that then directs them to one of four exams based on the results.  In Blackboard, I would have created settings on each one of the four exams to be visible/open up if the pre-quiz had a score of 1,2,3,4 (for instance).  

In Canvas, it seems that the correct way to do this is to use Mastery Paths on the pre-quiz that then unlock the other exams (although I can't figure out how to hide them while locked).

The problem is that I have four separate exams, but only three score ranges for Mastery Paths.  I guess I'm blind, but I can't seem to find the button to add a new entry.

What am I doing wrong?

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi! You are correct that MasteryPaths supports three score ranges. You can add multiple assignment options within each range (even all of them if you want), but creating a fourth range isn't supported. Also, ranges cannot overlap. Is there a way you could consolidate four exams into three?

If you want to hide the other options, I'd recommend setting up Modules, which only display the main assignment to students and then displays the assignment they'll get later based on the conditional assignment score. The MasteryPaths will be shown to you in the Modules page as the instructor, as shown in How do I use MasteryPaths in course modules?  Students will only be able to see what they're allowed to see based on the assignment specifications, as shown in 

Let us know if one of those options works for you!


The problem is that I've got three pre-quizzes, each of which expand to four separate exams.  Each pre-quiz and exam is set up in its own module.   There is no way to consolidate the exams into three.

We are trying to make things clear and easy for students, but displaying all exams and feedback pages is the exact opposite.  I'd like to visually hide locked assignments and pages (so students don't even know that they exist) until (and if) they are made available.

it's increasingly looking like rather than automate everything, I'm going to have to individually enable each exam for students and give manual feedback, which is a LOT of extra time and effort for me, given that we're doing placement exams for the entire university.

Apologies for the extended delay in responding. As Canvas unfortunately doesn't support more than three MasteryPath ranges, you may need to settle on your own observation... Smiley Sad  I would, however, recommend that you submit a feature idea so we can get this workflow documented for our product team and help others who may run up against the same situation. I haven't been able to find a feature idea that already relates to expanding the range options, so I'd recommend creating one as noted in 


Hi Erin, 

I ended up going with a totally different solution because in all cases, it turns out, it's impossible to visually hide locked assignments until available like I could do in Blackboard, and when testing with students it turned out to cause substantial amounts of confusion.

I have had no luck with the popularity contest that is feature requests, so I will respectfully not waste my time with that.  I'd highly encourage Instructure to focus on feature parity and flexibility rather than voting.  Design by committee (as it effectively is) is never a good thing.