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Community Champion

How do I add something to the right column


The right side column shows a course stream button, to-do list, and Coming Up list. I have the iframe for a stream showing in a page but it would look better in the right column. This brings me to the general question, how do I add anything to the right column? I don't see a way.

In case it is relevant: This is a FFT account until our district committee determines if Canvas is for our district.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

lph, welcome to Canvas and the Community! There isn’t a way for an Instructor to add anything to the right column of a course page, regardless of whether you are using FFT or through your school (paid). If your school went with Canvas and wanted to add something on the right column then I believe this would be possible using some backend programming. This isn’t my area of expertise though so you would want to check further with the‌ group in the Community. 

Hope this helps!