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How do I enable SIS Import for a vanilla Docker instance of Canvas?

I'm using this Docker image to do some LTI related development.  I'm trying to bulk upload data for test purposes, but have been unable to find a way to turn on SIS Imports.  I found this article which states that we need a Customer Success Manager to enable this feature.  How do I import SIS data to a Canvas account? 

SIS Imports must be enabled by your Customer Success Manager before files can be uploaded to your account.

Is the SIS Import feature only available to 'hosted' instances of Canvas, or can this otherwise be enabled on a vanilla customer hosted installation?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @gmsharpe ,

As far as I am aware, the ability to do SIS Imports is only available in the paid version of Canvas.  That is why it references the need to contact a CSM.  You may try opening a ticket with Instructure Support from Help > Report a Problem to ask if you can enable it somehow.


The Canvas Developers IRC and Mailing List have plenty of self hosting devs and engineers available to ask questions.

Canvas Dev & Friends - Instructure Tech Blog 

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I have a Bitnami image running locally and it has SIS Import.  So its not particular to Instructure hosted Canvas.  It might be that Instructure disable it in their hosting unless you ask to have it turned on.