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How do I find my Customer Success Manager?

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I get automated emails from Canvas all the time mentioning some sort of Success Manager. I am the only Canvas administrator at my institution.  I would like to know why this information is so difficult to come by and why it is not clearly shown somewhere when I log into Canvas.  There should be a support link for me to ask questions through, yet if I submit a question it is simply sent back to myself.

I just want to know who my Customer Success Manager is because I have never had any direct communications with anyone at Instructure, and it is extremely frustrating.

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I'd also like to be put in contact with our Customer Success Manager, thank you!

@AaronBruhn I've reached out to your CSM team and have asked them to contact you.

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Hi Stefanie,

Can you please put us in touch with our Customer Success Manager? The email address given to us could not be delivered - we need updated CSM contact information, including email and a phone number. Thank you!

@AshleyWeaver , I'll send you a private message with the email address for your CSM team.

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Thank you! Can you also provide a phone number? The phone number we had for our CSM no longer works.

@AshleyWeaver I've provided more information in my follow-up reply to the DM.

Thank you! I wrote back in hopes of finding an answer - thank you for your prompt responses, and looking forward to hearing back from you again.


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Hi Stefanie,

Can you provide me with contact information for our Customer Success Manager? Our school needs to have the Roll Call Tool enabled for teachers to take attendance for classes, so I would like to reach out to our school's CSM.

Thank you very much,



Community Team
Community Team

Absolutely, @KTG ! I'll send you a private message with that information now.

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I've had a serious trouble ticket active since the beginning of the week and was told my Customer Success Manager would contact me. As of now, NOTHING!!!
My students cannot login to the app and I NEED to get this resolved! Please have whomever the CSM is contact me ASAP!!!