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How do I get a "Next" button at the bottom of my Home Page?

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I created and published my home page in a course, but it does not have the "Next" button at the bottom of the page. How do I get one to show up so students can just click next to begin the first module?

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A person ought to be able to use the tools without having to volunteer their time to help the provider improve them.

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I totally agree with others who want the option to have the Next button display on the home page. I'm sure there's a reason by it was programmed to behave this way, but the option should be incorporated into the user interface.

I also wanted to add my vote but got to the Cold Storage page and think it should be easier to provide feedback than to need to request access to a private group.


@sjjorstad  The linked idea was archived due to low support nearly four years ago. Here's a recent one that is specific to courses where the home page has been set to Syllabus:  Add Next Button Option to Syllabus Tool.

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it, and that every feature cannot be incorporated and that the development team has to prioritize.



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If your home page is in a module, it should have the previous/next buttons available to it no matter. As a course landing page in a course making use of the modules to move a student through content, it should MOVE them through the content. The student shouldn't have to search or be instructed to click here then click here then here again. And the instructor shouldn't have to figure how to build another link that should already be there. If the page is in a module, the previous/next buttons are available to it no matter how you find the page, except for when it is the course landing page.  😮