How do I get an excel file that includes the Assessment Group heading and class?

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Hi all, 

I am wanting to pull out some data in an excel file that includes:

  • all the courses from an active term
  • the teacher
  • the assignment group
  • the assignment 

How can I do this in Canvas? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Kind regards, 


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Hi Tahnee, 

You will need to work with multiple reports to achieve ur need: 

First report: You can filter Multiple terms and a start/end date.


Using the canvas course id, you can make a "VlookUp - excel" with other report that handle the Course and the Instructor/teacher that are designated for that

SIS Exports -> Enrollments -> You will get: 


After doing the vlookup, you can filter the role/role_id to get only the teachers.

These reports can be found in: Admin - Configuration - Reports (ask for your admin if you don't have access to it).

Hope it helps!


Alexandre S.

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