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How do I know when a student marked an item as done?

My institution is moving from Bb to Canvas in the spring. In one of the courses I work with we have a Student Responsibility Statement we require students to mark the item as reviewed before they can continue. We can see when the student marked the statement as reviewed. We use the information on when the Student Responsibility Statement was marked as reviewed when students claim they were unaware of a requirement. We can then tell them that "it was stated in the Student responsibility statement that you marked as reviewed on mm/dd." It allows us to hold them accountable to requirements.

I am able to use the prerequisites feature in Canvas to require a similar action, but I can not figure out how to see when the student marked the item as done. This might be something that could be viewed through an administrator report, but I may not have the ability to run such a report.

Can someone point me in the right direction to find this information?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @kstewart3 ​...

Would this Canvas Guide help to answer your question?  How do I use modules to view the progress of students in a course?

Hi  @chofer ​

Thank you for this information. Unfortunately it does not provide me with enough detail. I need to know when the student has completed a task, not just that they have completed it.

For example:

The 8-week has 8 modules (one per week). Module 8 has a comprehensive exam covering modules 1-7. Students can complete modules 1-7 at their own pace during weeks 1-7. They must complete modules 1-7 by the end of week 7 or they cannot take the comprehensive exam during week 8. In the Student Responsibility Statement we clearly state that if they do not complete modules 1-7 be the end of week 7 they cannot take the comprehensive exam during week 8. We require students to mark the Student Responsibility Statement as done before they can begin modules 1-7.

When a student comes to us in week 8 saying they didn't know they had to finish modules 1-7 during weeks 1-7 we need to be able to tell them that it was stated in the Student Responsibility Statement which they marked as done on mm/dd/yy.

We have found that giving students detailed "time stamp" information is very effective in holding them accountable for not only their actions, but their inactions as well. Losing this information will greatly hinder this process. Often once a student learns that we know when they did something they realize that they cannot pull the wool over our eyes and they will accept responsibility for their actions.

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This is not an answer to the original question, and I don't do this myself, so I'm not speaking from experience.

Instead of having the student responsibility statement marked as viewed, would it work to make it a quiz that is only available during the first 7 weeks of the course? Then you would get the dates in SpeedGrader (or Quiz Moderation). It could be a one question quiz - to have them type their name in the box as a signature.

This is the part I'm not sure about because I don't do much with prerequisites. If you then make the comprehensive exam have a prerequisite of completing the quiz and the quiz is only available for the first 7 weeks, then they wouldn't be able to take the exam if they didn't do in the first 7 weeks.

Since you don't let them begin modules 1-7 until they do the responsibility statement, they wouldn't even be able to those done.

You might want to put in another quiz at the end of module 7 with a date restriction on it that module 8 hinges on. Then those who don't finish module 7 before the time is up cannot take the comprehensive exam.

That's just the first thing that comes to mind. Someone else may have a better way.

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I just did basically what James suggested - I made a quiz that was a required pre-requisite for a Letter of Agreement for our participants.  They have to "agree" in the quiz in order to move forward.  I just ended the Letter of Agreement with a statement, "I agree to the terms......Please mark agree or disagree below to confirm.  You could easily add a 2nd question with an open text box for them to type their name.....but I don't think you have to.  In the gradebook when you click on their submission, it does show the date and timestamp (see image below).

It's not an elegant solution - but it's functional and I can see in the Grade book that they have submitted their quiz and the date/time.

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 10.05.14 AM.png

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Hi  @kstewart3 ​,

To also chime in with Jenny and James, I have used a Course Commitment quiz in the first module (Course Overview) that students must submit to complete that module. Then all the other modules are locked with a pre-req of completing the Course Overview module. There is a timestamp when the quiz is submitted, and they cannot continue the rest of the modules without it.

I've "signed" some digital documents that require me to put in my initials and date in a field to express my consent to signing. You can definitely add a question like that on the quiz so that students are doubly aware they are making an agreement. Hmmm, I might just add that to the course commitment too. Smiley Wink

Cheers - Shar

Community Champion

Oh yeah I like this 'question' addition to the course commitment. I added it as a Fill in Multiple Blanks question type.

Here's the HTML version of it:

<p class="no-print">Please enter your initials to agree to the statement below:</p>

<p>I confirm that I have entered the above information to the best of my knowledge as a commitment of my available time to completing the work for this course.</p>

<p>Signed: [student] on Date: [date]</p>

I chose no-print on the bit about entering initials, because the next text in the quiz recommends they print BEFORE they submit and I didn't want that instruction to show on the printout. Because this quiz is asking for dates when they will finished the self-paced course, the printout becomes their personalized timeline to hang up someplace they'll see frequently. Smiley Happy

Cheers - Shar

p.s. if you have not setup a Fill in Multiple Blanks before, you have to give it at least 1 possible answer for the "blank space" to appear in the live quiz.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @kstewart3 ​...

I wanted to check in with you because there hasn't been any new activity in this particular topic for over a month.  Did any of the above responses from  @James ​,  @jcombs ​, or ishar-uw​ help to answer your question?  If so, please go ahead and mark one of their replies as "Correct".  But, if you are still looking for assistance, please come back to let us know that, too.  For now, I'm going to mark your question as "Assumed Answered", but that won't prevent you or others from adding additional replies below.  Looking forward to hearing back from you, Kate!

 @chofer ​

Thank you for following up. Things got crazy and I got pulled away in about 14 different directions. Unfortunately my question was not answered.

While the guide you sent me shows me that a student has marked an item as done, it does not show my when an item is marked as done. The when is critical for holding students accountable for their actions or inactions.

While we could use a quiz as a work around, it is not the simplest solution and I fear that it would clutter and already large gradebook.


 @chofer  ,

I'm like Kate ( @kstewart3  )...  I just assumed that marking something as done was a simple "assignment" that would return a submitted date and could be automatically given a grade.  In my case, it is to make sure basic things are done in order and on time, giving students participation points that factor into their grade.  

Truthfully, I'm surprised that over a year has passed, with no thought toward implementation.  We're just rolling out Canvas here, and this is a glitch for me.