How do I link to a specific module?

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On one of the public courses that was shared the designer linked images on the home page to a specific module.  The link went to a certain spot on the module page, not the first page of the module.  The URL was different for each link, but I can't seem to determine where the URLs came from.  When I click on different modules within the module page the URL does not seem to change above.  Does anyone know how I can replicate this? 

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 @ksauber ​, I couldn't find a guide that showed exModulesLinkExample.pngactly how to do this, but this guide - How do I link to other Canvas pages in my course? - basically shows the same thing, except in the following screen shot, click on Modules instead of Pages.

Here are a few more guides that might help:

Hope this helps!

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You can view page source and find your module's id. 

Here are the steps:

  1. In your browser, view page source
  2. In page source, search for your module by name.  Example: "Week 6"
  3. Once module name is found, your module id will be two lines below.
  4. Copy the partial link (shown in the red box below) and combine it with your website URL and that will be the link for your module.
  5. DONE!

link to a specific module in Canvas.png

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