How do I list what courses a course admin has access to?

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I would like to generate a list of courses that a specific course admin has access to. If a user is course admin on multiple courses in a given term, is there a way to find out which courses they have admin rights to? 



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You are using language in a way that is inconsistent with how Canvas uses it and I think that's causing some confusion about what you're really after.

There is no course level admin role built into Canvas. Admins are at the account level. You cannot apply an admin role to specific courses, only to sub-accounts and then they would have access to every course within that sub-account.

Canvas won't give you a list directly at the course level because admins are not linked to courses. Admins are linked to accounts and accounts are linked to courses. 

You can get a list of who is an admin. There are several ways to do this explained in Obtaining a list of Admin Users with their Roles 

If you based their role off of an admin role, then you have given away much greater access than to just a specific course.

There is another option I can think of that would allow you to give elevated permissions to a specific course. That is by creating a custom role based off of one of the course level roles (student, teacher, TA, designer, or observer). You might have named that role a "course admin." Is that what you have done?

If this is what you're doing, then it is possible to get course-level roles. There's a note at the bottom of the linked document that explains why not. It turns out that the report is already built into Canvas while the admin.csv wasn't available when I wrote that document. You use the Provisioning Report from Admin > Settings > Reports to get the enrollments.csv. That won't contain the names of the users, just the IDS. You will most likely need to combine it with the users.csv and courses.csv reports to get something like what you're wanting.

Here is a link the Roles and Permissions section of the Canvas Admin Guide. The lessons there may help clarify which technique you used and make sure we're all talking about the same thing.

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