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How do I make an LTI assignment available in Speed Grader?


I am a developer integrating an app with Canvas. I am planning to have instructors create assignments in the external tool using LTI deep links and assignment selection placement. This seems relatively straightforward.

Now when students submit the assignment, I need to have a specific way that my app can create a submission in the Canvas gradebook for that assignment. Just to be clear, they will be submitting the assignment from the external tool, which is displayed in an iframe on the assignment page in Canvas.

The reason I want to do this, is so that the different submissions are visible in SpeedGrader.

What is the best way to implement this?

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Hi Ob, 

When you integrate your Lti with canvas, when the student runs the external assignment lti, your app will receive the custom_canvas Data that the lti will send




and will create a submission line for that student/course/assignment or you can send a post call using those 3 variables (you will have to input a parameter in the post: submission[user_id])


I have a assignment that is a lti for a proctoring tool, and the user will receive 1 for that assignment if the facial recognization was ok and 0 if not. If the user have 1 or more at his grade, he can have access to the other modules of the course.. (example). 

Of course that the speedgrader wont show any data about the proctoring itself, but will let me set a grade, comments...

Hope it helps!