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How do I make an assignment with the ability to submit answers without doing it in Quizzes.

I am trying to make an assignment.  I already have a pre existing worksheet I would like to upload is there a way I can have them view the worksheet and submit answers for the worksheet without going into quiz. I want to them to see how they are doing on the assignment so I really want to be able to grade the answers to the assignment. I really don't want the worksheet submitted back to me just the score of which ones they got correct or a percentage score so I am able to upload this into infinite campus for a daily assignment grade. I have 140 students so going through a daily assignment each day and getting results quickly is impossible if I want fast feed back.

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Hi, Angela. You could have the students submit a word processing file with answers, and you could grade the assignment in Speedgrader. How do I create an assignment?‌ and should help you out. However, if you want the assignment to automatically grade multiple choice questions, then transferring your worksheet to quiz or an external tool that supports automatic grading (Office Mix, SoftChalk, etc.) is going to be the best method.

Does that help?

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Does the external tool have to be multiple choice

Good question. Different external tools have different capabilities. Depending on what you are after, you might take a look at the OneNote tool from Microsoft: OneNote Class Notebook (free) or SoftChalk Cloud (paid) SoftChalk CLOUD. OneNote will give you manually graded assignments and allow you to distribute your existing worksheets to students through the class notebook.   SoftChalk supports several type of graded interactions inside interactive lessons, including multiple choice, matching, drag and drop, crossword puzzles, and essay responses.

There is also Perusall (free for .pdf documents; paid for textbooks), which provides automatically graded social annotation of documents: It all depends on what you need your students to do, and how you want to get your grading done. 

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I really like soft chalk cloud but as a teacher definitely can't afford to

pay $500 dollars for it year.

Hi,  @angela_henisa . My institution pays for my SoftChalk access. Perhaps you can check to see if your school would do the same for you.

A free alternative is OfficeMix, which is a free PowerPoint add on by Microsoft, but it only does multiple choice and T/F interactions.

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Community Coach

Is there a reason you are not interested in turning this into a quiz in Canvas? I've got a number of worksheets I've done this with and it works great. 

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Because in school we generally have weighted grades, and assignments,

quizzes, tests usually are weighted different. Though I am starting to see

there is no way to weight anything in Canvas also.

On the contrary,  @angela_henisa , you can indeed weight graded activities in Canvas according to any weighting scheme you'd like to create. In the event that you're passing grades back to an external system, you must create assignment groups in Canvas that exactly match (word for word, letter for letter, space for space, case sensitive) the titles of those categories in the external system. Please refer to

I'm with  @kona ‌; I would definitely make this an auto-graded quiz in Canvas. You might have to put in some initial time recreating the quiz from your worksheet, but once you've done it once, you can use the quiz over and over, semester after semester.

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What I'm trying to do is this:

Assingments 10% of grade

Group projects 10%

Quizzes 30%

Tests 50%

I can figure out the assingments, but how can I weight the quizzes and

tests differently, since they're both going to be created in the quiz

section, and can't be added to Assignment groups?