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How do I modify the welcome to Canvas email?

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Is it possible to edit the automatic email that is sent when a new user is created in Canvas?  Or can it be turned on/off globally?

Currently it's just a very short email that's not very helpful:

You are signed up for a canvas account at AN Institute!

Click here to log in to your account

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The answer from the CSM is that it's not possible to modify the welcome email text.  What they suggest is to simply elect not to send users the welcome email.


If you use the +People button, you can elect to not send an email by unchecking the “Email the user about this account creation” and then, outside of Canvas, your institution could send new users a customized email. 
Additionally, if you add users via CSV (SIS Import), users are not sent an email which would also allow your institution to customize an invitation email to be sent outside of Canvas."

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