How do I *not* embed a video?

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There is probably a simple answer for this, but I couldn't find it.

I want to have a page of LINKS ONLY to external (youtube) videos. Every time I try it, it embeds the video. I don't want to bog the page down, so how would I put a clickable link instead of embedding? I don't want them to have to copy and paste the URL; I do want it to open in a different tab/window.

Thank you!

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Hi,  @cwendt ! The ability to prevent an embed from occurring is baked into the YouTube embed process. Have a look at this lesson from the Canvas Guides: How do I link to a YouTube video in the Rich Content Editor? , specifically the section titled Insert Link with Hyperlink icon. To add the link to the YouTube video, use the chain link icon that appears at the top of the Rich Content Editor; when you paste the link into the box, the YouTube video will appear in the dialog box. At that point, enable the setting directly underneath that reads, "Disable inline previews for this link." When you click Save, your page will display a hyperlink to the YouTube video, not a preview of the video itself. If you'd like, you can then switch to the HTML Editor to change the title of the video (which, unless you've specified otherwise, will just read Link), or you can follow the instructions in the same lesson under the heading Hyperlink Existing Text. You can also make sure the video will open in a new window or tab by inserting the target="_blank" attribute.

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For anyone who stumbles across this page because they are trying to get rid of the embedded YouTube video icon that Canvas automatically inserts when you link to a YouTube video, the simple fix is all you have to do is add class="inline_disabled" to the <A> tag containing the link.

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