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How do I release annotations and comments to my students via Speed Grader

I am the main teacher (Lead Teacher) on a Canvas module. I have setup an assignment which was submitted via TurnItIn. I was able to mark student work and leave comments in Speed Grader. I also have left annotations on the documents using the Speed Grader tool. However, my students couldn't see any of this material. The grade also did not carry over into the gradebook (I've had to manually input these).

Does anybody have any ideas what I've done wrong? Might it have something to do with ticking the moderated box in the assignment options?

EDIT: I've added a 4th screenshot showing the mark-up in Speed-Grader

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I think it may be bugged as I don’t even get the moderate button option when going through the assignments route. Thanks for trying to help though 

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Does anyone think that TurnItIn is necessary to have with Canvas?

That rings a bell - we had that problem with Turnitin LTI + moderate about a year ago (moderate button missing) but I thought it was fixed. Hope it is not back again! I seem to remember the workaround at the time was to add /moderate to the end of the assignment url. Might be worth a try! 

I would uncheck moderate option in the assignment settings. I would also take off the Until date as well. If students are still having issues, you should contact your local support. They can help you troubleshoot the student view. 

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Oh heck no!

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Necessary,  @wwolf ‌? No. However, it is nice to have. The originality reports are good to have, but the grading tools are amazing. I especially enjoy grading with the Turnitin iPad app, and using the app is now my preffered way to grade essays.

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We've noticed that students don't see annotations when using the Google LTI external tool, as well.


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Yeah, tried that but its greyed out since the work was handed in Moderate tick box

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I'll admit I am new to Canvas, but am I missing something here? On your Screenshot 3, I noticed you have the box labeled "Do not count this assignment towards the final grade" unchecked. Shouldn't that be checked for the grades to pass into the gradebook, or am I wrong?

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Rob are you the instructor? Only the "teacher" role gets the moderate button and the Post button to get the final grades into grades.