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How do I release annotations and comments to my students via Speed Grader

I am the main teacher (Lead Teacher) on a Canvas module. I have setup an assignment which was submitted via TurnItIn. I was able to mark student work and leave comments in Speed Grader. I also have left annotations on the documents using the Speed Grader tool. However, my students couldn't see any of this material. The grade also did not carry over into the gradebook (I've had to manually input these).

Does anybody have any ideas what I've done wrong? Might it have something to do with ticking the moderated box in the assignment options?

EDIT: I've added a 4th screenshot showing the mark-up in Speed-Grader

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Hi Karen, yes, I have both Teacher and Lead Teacher roles assigned to me

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Hi Rob - just wondered if you had a chance to try the workaround we used I mentioned above? When the moderate button was missing with TII we were advised to go the the assignment page (where you can see the tii inbox) and then just add /moderate to the end of the URL. That takes you to the page the moderate button would go to, if that makes sense, and you can then post th  grades.

This might have just fixed this! I was able to release the grades to Gradebook now so I'm hoping that the comments/annotations are now working.

Great! The comments should also show once posted and un-muted. Fingers crossed!