How do I remove a student from a course?

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How do I remove a student from a course? I'm following the directions given to me by our IT person, but I'm not seeing some things he's referencing. He said to click on the student's row, click the menu and then choose remove. However, i do not see anything labeled "menu" once I click on the students row, not any option of removing the student.

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In your course go to People and find the student.  To the far right of the page click the Kabob icon (3 dots).  If you have access, there will be an option to "Remove student from course".  If you don't see that option it means that you do not have enough access to do so and you'll need to have your Canvas Admin do it.

Keep in mind that if your course rosters are maintained by an automated process it's possible that the student may reappear in the course the next time things are updated.  At my school for instance this is what would happen.  So there may be more you need to do in terms of speaking with your registrar to make sure the student gets removed.


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