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How do I remove "artifact" dates from previous calendars that are in my new syllabus? Answered.

I have imported a class from a previous semester and elected to "keep everything" except the dates.  New dates were entered for the present class.

In the "syllabus" part of what I see is that the "assignments" are there in correct order and such but there are also "artifacts" in the form of dates from last semester such as: "spring break" and the present class is in the fall.

When one clicks the "spring break" one is take to the present date in the calendar.

When one arrows through the months to the "spring break month" there is no such item in the calendar.

The solution is not self evident.

Click edit for the syllabus page.

Click one such spurious date and one is taken to the present month in the calendar.

On the right hand side of the month view of the calendar, for THIS USER, one sees

a) month view

b) a listing of classes that are maintained with at least one highlighted in black for this user ( active at this time)

c) Below that is the word "UNDATED" in bold black.

d) click the word UNDATED and one is presented with a listing of "things in the calendar" which do not have an actual date attached.

e) click one of the items of which one is SURE that it is not real.

f) an interactive menu box appears with a question about whether one really wants to remove it.

g) click yes and the artifact date disappears from the syllabus page.

NOTE TO MODERATORS, if there is a "real term" or "an alternate term" for what I call an "artifact" which some people might use for a question please modify the tags to reflect that.

As usual, if anyone has comments or questions, please so do.

James Sheldon

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @sheldonj1 , these are pretty nice (I think I saw at least one more of yours), but instead of posting answered questions have you thought about creating a blog (or document) for these? It seems like it might be more efficient and would also make it easier for people to find what  you've posted (in terms of it being a solution rather than a question that needs answered).

For example, here's a document someone posted about an easier way to do what you've indicated above - 

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for the compliment about how they might go into a blog, but a blog is kind of "a thing" and I didn't know if what I have / had to say is / would be all that helpful.

But, ok, I'll explore doing a blog.

Smiley Happy



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I also ran into the snake eating it's tail about doing this to do that and doing that to do this.

Since I don't see a "blog" entry under my stuff I probably won't be making a blog per-se for a while.  I'll take a look at the community stuff

and thanks for the calendar event manager post.  Like I said below I don't know that I have that much to contribute except for what I run into randomly as I use Canvas. Smiley Happy

 @sheldonj1 , I too value these contributions, and even if they're sporadic musings on what you run into randomly, we hope you'll be inspired to share them in a format that surfaces in search results more readily. This resource will give you tips on how to create a blog post in the Community (you'll need to belong to a group, and then post to that group's blog):