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How do I restrict module items to specific groups?

I have my class do case study analyses while working in groups. How can I create a Case Study module wherein I have a PDF describing Case Study A, and restrict access to that item so that only students in Group A can view it? And the same for Case Study B/Group B, etc. I don't currently see any way to restrict individual Module items or even whole Modules beyond just adding prerequisites which doesn't really do what I need.

Thank you!

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Have you tried looking at sections?  We are exploring using modules that are filled with assignments and resources that are only assigned to a specific course section.  This way, if you are not in a specific section, you do not see, or have access to the breakout materials in that module. 

Jason Schaffer

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Good afternoon Robbie,


You can mark the question as Answered if you like, but the issue has not at all been solved. Brightspace/D2L (which my institution currently uses, though we are open to other options) has an extraordinarily simply way to do the types of restrictions I mentioned in the thread:


The amount of hoop-jumping and hacking required to get Canvas to do anything like this is not really a viable option for our professors. In my mind the question has been Answered only insofar as the answer is, apparently, "No, Canvas can't do this."