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How do I share Media with a group in Canvas Studio?

What I have learned so far is how to create a group, how to upload media to Studio.

What I want to learned more about is how to share media with a group in Canvas Studio.


( Figure 1: Share Media window.) 

In Fig. 1. We see an option to add groups. What I have learned is Studio is unable to share with groups. Canvas Studio help-page (How do I share media with a user in Canvas Studio?) states,

  • Currently there is no option to share video or audio files to all members in a course, section, or group at one time. However, you can select to share a video or audio file to multiple individuals at one time."

(How do I share media with a user in Canvas Studio?, Paragraph 6, 'notes'.



( Figure 2:  In blue is the 'auto-fill' text entry box.) 

The source of the problem is the auto-fill is unable to recognize my group name. 


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi there, @GRC ...

I think you are correct about this.  I was also not able to add any groups to Canvas Studio media (groups either at the course level or at the Canvas account level).  It is a little strange that they would include "Type to add people or groups" helpful text in that search field but yet not be able to actually add groups.  It is good to know, however, that the Guide you referenced, How do I share media with a user in Canvas Studio?, does indicate that sharing to a group is not currently possible.  So, maybe this is functionality yet to come???  I guess we'll have to wait and see.  🤞