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How do I share course outcomes with other teachers?

How do I export my course outcomes so that I can share them with my Grade level team? Not the Mastery Grade book just the course outcomes. I have admin tools and would like to add my outcomes to share with the school and add other people's outcomes from my teachers to share as well.

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Hello  @cody_owen  !  I want to first apologize that it's taken so long for anyone to answer you.  Here's a guide that might be able to help you.

How do I move outcomes and outcome groups in an account? 

Please don't hesitate to reach out again.  Best of luck!

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Hello  @cody_owen ‌,  Thanks for asking this question.  Like you, I would also like to share outcomes I created for my course with other teachers on my team.   @9927744 , your shared article is greatly appreciated; however, as I am not an account administrator I do not have the capabilities to share in this way.  I will continue to explore other methodologies and report if I find a solution :-).

Thanks for being awesome Everybody!

Hello,  @bkrisenhoover  .  Can you create a course on your dashboard?  If so, why not create a course shell and add the people that you want to share the Outcomes with (for example, other Science teachers.)  Make sure these others are given the Teacher role.  (this link will answer most of the questions you may have from my directions: )  Once they are in, copy your Outcomes into your "new" course ( )  This will give each of those teachers access to the Outcomes, and they can follow that last step and import the Outcomes to their course.)  I wish it were easier.  

Best of luck!

Hello  @9927744 ‌,

Unfortunately, I don't have the permissions to create courses.  However, I did come up with an alternate solution...just share the CSV file I created for importing.  So simple it hurts, lol.  Thanks for all the time, effort, and care you put into brainstorming this solution.  This is why I love the Canvas Community so much :-).

All the very best,


So glad you found an easy work around!  Thanks for letting me know; I can share this with others!

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What if you created in Canvas first?  Or is it only possible to to pull from CSV?