How do I unenroll a student from a Canvas course?

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I've created a new Canvas course to support one of my EC students by copying his original course. I then went back and modified the assignments and expectations in this new course to meet his accommodations. Unfortunately, now his parents say this new course is EXACTLY the same as the original course and no modifications show up. They think that the two courses are somehow linked, even though on my dashboard I clearly have two separate courses. Both the ITF and EC caseworker have TA credentials for both courses and even they see the difference. Somehow the student/parents do not. How can I unenroll the student from the original course?

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Hi  @emily_pleasants  Welcome to the Canvas Community. If you were able to add a student to your course on your own (some institutions do not allow this), you likely have the ability to remove/deactivate a student from a course, as well.  Be careful!  Removing a student removes all grades, submissions, etc., and this is outlined in the lesson below.  Another alternative is to deactivate a student.  Both options--and I encourage to look at the pros and cons of each--is covered here:

If you are not able to add students to a course, then enrollments are likely handled automatically through your system administrator, and you should consult with that person.

I hope this helps, Emily.  Stay safe and stay healthy!

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