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How do non-teaching departments use Canvas? Careers bulletin board?


As students are all familiar with Canvas and with it being a resource everybody has access to, we are hoping that college support services will also be able to make use of Canvas to promote their services. Support services include Careers, Inclusive Learning (or Additional Learner Support), Enrichment, Student Services etc.

  • If you have non-teaching departments in your institution who also use Canvas I'd love to hear from you.
  • We are looking to create a student opportunities bulletin board of some kind... I've thought that we may be able to use Discussions for this? Or is there a better solution? I've thought maybe we could embed a bulletin board in the Rich Content Editor and wondered if there was any free services you could recommend.

Thanks in advance

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Good afternoon, Amy.  I know many Media Specialists who use Canvas for various reasons.  They use it for research links, to encourage students to read (if students complete so many activities, they get some time gaming during the school day), and other such activities.  

Using Canvas would be a great thing to do for your department!  Best of luck!

Community Coach
Community Coach

Good morning  @aw  

OMG! We use Canvas for all sorts of things......

  • Student clubs,
  • Committee spaces,
  • Department spaces,
  • Professional development course,
  • Student advising,
  • External groups, and
  • More!

Our State Board of Community and Technical colleges has their own Canvas account and uses Canvas classrooms for.

  • State-wide training offering,
  • Agency. commission and council work spaces,
  • Work groups and team spaces, and
  • More. In fact, our state system is moving to a PeopleSoft product, and all of the training for system staff across the state uses Canvas.

The secret for many of these uses is to make the Canvas course set for self-enrollment with a URl to avoid the need for somebody to manage enrollments.

Canvas is incredibly flexible. There is another discussion like this at  that you might also like to check out.