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How do students access a course?

How do students get access to a course?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @judyteach17 and welcome to the Canvas Community!

Normally to access a course, an individual would log in to Canvas and be taken to the Canvas dashboard.  There would likely be a link to your institution's Canvas page somewhere on their website.  Once logged in, one will see a course card for each of their classes and be able to click on one of these to enter the course. If you don't see your course here you can check in the "courses" tab and click on "all courses".  A class will not appear on Canvas if it is unpublished so if you registered for a class and the term is starting but you don't see the class, you might contact your instructor or the Canvas support group at your institution to see if the course is there but not yet published by the instructor.

One can also access Canvas courses through iOS or Android app on their mobile device.  The guides for these can be found here, Mobile Guides - Canvas Student.  If you have the app but don't see your courses, you might try to see if the course is not favorited so not appearing on the mobile dashboard.  On the app there should be and edit or pencil button that when clicked will show all of your classes and give you the opportunity to star those you want to appear when you log in.

I hope this helps and good luck getting started with your classes! 

Community Coach
Community Coach

 @judyteach17 , that depends on a number of things. Are you using this as part of your school or are you using a free for teacher account? If it’s a free for teacher account you would have to add them yourself or give them a join code that they could use to register. See if these guides help:

How do I add users to a course? 

If you are using this as part of your school Canvas account then you would need to check with your school to see how they would like things done, as each school handles things a little differently. 

Hope this helps! Kona

Community Contributor

Hi  @judyteach17 ‌ - I do not have much to add but I wanted to let you know that I work for a school and it has been set up so that all of the students in my course automatically have access to my Canvas page.  I am hopeful that your students have an easy way to find your course as well.  Best of luck.