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How do students authorize access to their Google Cloud Assignment?

I used the External Tool to post Google Cloud Assignments but it is prompting my students to authorize access to the documents. They cannot access the Docs or Slides, even when they add their password.  How can they access their assignments? googledocs‌ 

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One of my teachers is having a problem with a student who cannot access a Google Cloud assignment and keeps trying to authorize, but it keeps saying authorization failed.  All of the other students in the class can access the assignment just fine except for this one student.  She has never had the problem before, has tried multiple computers, is logged into the right account and has restarted her Chromebook.  Still no access.

If she's using a Chrome browser, make sure she's also logged into the same account she uses for Canvas. 

Yes-we checked that, and she is logged in to her school account.  We'll keep trying to figure it out. Thank you for your help!

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We are having 2 students out of a class of 72 students that are having the same issue.  It seems that we've tried everything!  It takes multiple tries to authorize the account and when finally getting it to authorize, the slides are blank slides and not the original slideshow that the teacher has added as the Google Docs Cloud Assignment.  Why does it work for 70 students and not for 2 students?  What should we do differently?