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How do students embed a YouTube video in an Assignment?

I've created an assignment for students to submit (Online > Website URL & Media Recordings) a recording of work using either Screencastify or the Recording feature in Canvas. Students then submit the assignment pasting the URL to YouTube. In SpeedGrader, I receive an error if I try to click the link to view in Canvas, but it works when I follow the option 'View in a new tab'. Why do I receive that error message? Is there a way to embed YouTube video submissions? See below:


Thank you!

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Community Coach

Hello  @jodi_schmidt ...

While I am not 100% sure this is the correct answer, I'm going to take an educated guess.  If you look at the top of your SpeedGrader screen that you have shared (above), it says "We've included a snapshot of what the page looked like when it was submitted."  I also tried submitted a couple website URL to an assignment (as a dummy student).  I got a similar "snapshot" message for a regular website and for YouTube videos.  So, you may need to continue to use the link that sends you out to the actual website.

I know this might not be the answer you were hoping for, but I hope that it helps to answer your question.  Stay safe, and be well.

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Here is an option. Make it a text submission. There is a button on the top to submit video. They can upload it there into the assignment. The video shows up in the content editor box.

Or We just got Panopto and I'm debating if I use this or panopto... 


I tried having a file submission and they submit the video file. That didn't work in speed grader very well. The above seems to mesh well. BUt I haven't tried it live yet. 

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